„Library for All. Different. Equal. Important.” is an innovative socio-educational project enabling children and adolescents, both from Ukraine and Poland, to learn, play, build relationships with one another and regain a sense of security in a difficult reality. Children and their parents and guardians from both countries can participate in innovative classes and courses, learn each other’s languages and culture. The project is implemented by the Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI) in partnership with Save the Children International (SCI).

About the project

The aim of the project is to support children and adolescents, who came from Ukraine to Poland in continuing their education at Ukrainian online schools, as well as in adapting to the Polish education system and building relationships in their new environment. The program uses various forms of activities and courses that take place in libraries. Participants can also learn Polish language to be better prepared for the challenges of participating in another country’s education system and to feel more comfortable in a new environment, being able to establish fruitful social, educational and professional life in an extreme situation they found themselves in.

Libraries participating in the project are supported financially, participate in training sessions and receive equipment necessary for the implementation of the program (interactive robots and tablets, music and educational sets etc.). They can use the grants for the employment of tutors and teachers from Ukraine, purchase of teaching aids and additional activities for children and adolescents. Libraries also organize digital learning centers for children and adolescents from Ukraine continuing their education in Ukrainian online schools, where students can get teachers’ support in the classroom, integrate and contact in person with their peers or help them with their homework if they also attend Polish schools.

During the “Summer in the library” events there were various educational, integrative and creative activities. Children learned through play (e.g. programming with robots), did DIY, performed simple scientific experiments, took part in engaging art, music and physical activities. Libraries also used the Team Up method of working with children, developed by the international organizations War Child, Save the Children and UNICEF Netherlands, in order to support children with refugee or other difficult experiences.

Libraries in the project

Libraries that stand out with a rich cultural and educational offer and had experiences in conducting activities catalyzing Polish-Ukrainian integration were invited to the pilot edition of the project.

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Digital Learning Centre – free assistance for children from Ukraine

Project organizers

Save the Children International is an international humanitarian organization that helps children and their families around the world, especially those at risk of social exclusion or living in conflict-affected areas. 

The Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI) is a non-governmental organization established in 2008 by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. The first task of FRSI was the implementation of the Polish Library Development Program, a joint project of PAFF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation under the international initiative “Global Libraries”.


Małgorzata Makowska – executive manager / project management,

Monika Schmeichel-Zarzeczna – content coordinator, contact with libraries, 

Maria Opałka – promotion and information, media relations,

Agnieszka Koszowska – editor and manager of Library for Ukraine website, editor of educational resources in the project,